What we invest in

We focus on two industries: agriculture and clean hydrogen.

We invest in startups and in funds as a limited partner. For both investment types, we aim to be the best partner that we can be by leveraging our network (both in Yara and across our industries) to help those around us succeed. Agriculture and clean hydrogen are industries that will require collaborative work to make a real change - we see ourselves as enablers of that change.

Agriculture focus

Our agriculture thesis

Our core thesis is that we believe in "no compromise farming." By that we mean that we don't believe that the majority of farmers, advisors, or agriculture companies are going to be willing to compromise on yield, quality, profitability, and time effort in order to meet sustainability demands. As such, we are looking for companies which have a high impact with low effort required and price parity (or better) with current practices in order to get sustainability to massive adoption. With this in mind, we invest in the following verticals, themes, and business models.


Agriculture verticals


Biological for the field Agronomic support Supply chain opt Agricultural financing

Agriculture themes


Decarbonization Soil health Industry transparency High impact

Agriculture business models

We are interested in new business model opportunities in agriculture (while understanding that there are some traditional ones here to stay). The business models we like to invest in include: SaaS, direct to customer, marketplaces, subscription, manufacturer, fertilizer as a service, outcome based, and generally models which move towards "do it for you."


Clean hydrogen focus

Our clean hydrogen thesis

Clean hydrogen is a critical part of the world's ability to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Given Yara's hundreds of years of experience in ammonia production, we are looking to empower and accelerate the transition to green and blue production by investing in the "picks and shovels" of the industry including the verticals, themes, and business models below.

Clean hydrogen verticals


Fertilizer Power Maritime Trucks

Clean hydrogen themes

Hydrogen Hydrogen II Ammonia Systems

Clean hydrogen business models

We are interested in manufacturing, SaaS, distributed production, subscription, and transaction based business models.

Typical stage and deal size

For startups

  • Investment size: Typically USD 3 million for the initial investment
  • Stage of investments: Agnostic
  • Lead or follow: Prefer to be the lead investors but are happy to follow
  • Board seats: We are an active investor and we are willing to take a board seat when it makes sense
  • Geographies: Global coverage
  • Partnership expectations: we will never ask for exclusivity or any special preferential treatment. We are here to help you succeed, however we can.

For funds

  • Investment size: Typically USD 3 million
  • Stage of fund: Team with a proven track record
  • Focus area: Majority in agriculture (i.e., we are not interested in consumer food)
  • Representation: Depends on the size of the fund and investment
  • Partnership expectations: we like to co-invest on deals in our sweet-spot and share dealflow (both ways).

Our process and what to expect

We like to invest in teams with whom we have a connection (so get in touch!). The typical investment process follows the following steps and takes about ~1-2 months. Our promise to you is that we will be clear, quick, helpful, and trustworthy.

Investment-Process-Image HD.jpg



How we relate to Yara International ASA

We are proudly a division within Yara International ASA - a global crop nutrition company headquartered in Norway and with operations or products sold in nearly every country of the world.

We see being part of the Yara ecosystem as a strength. Our focus is on making sound financial decisions in companies that are categorically changing agriculture. We will never ask for any preferential terms or exclusivity related to a startup's technology. We are here to help you succeed as entrepreneurs.

Some of the ways we like to help include: work with Yara R&D professionals to provide agronomic and product advice, working on shared field trials, and making introductions to potential channel and industry partners.